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Often when teenagers graduate from high school, their parents give them cars as gifts which they can use once they go to college. In most cities where you cannot get around without learning how to drive, teenagers are also required to develop their skills behind the wheel. Part of their responsibility as a learner driver is to obtain a driving license and a car insurance policy. How can they get these legal documents at such a young age? Read on to find out.

Provisional Driving License And Insurance Go Hand In Hand

Before your parents obtained a full license, they first had to get a provisional driving license. In the UK, the minimum age that you can apply for a provisional driving license is two months prior to your seventeenth birthday. Sixteen year olds can apply for a provisional driving license, but only if they are driving mopeds which have 50 cc engines.

Getting a provisional driving license from agencies like the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency will enable you to take driving lessons under the supervision of a professional driving instructor. Typically, it will take the average learner driver 45 hours to be able to handle a car by his or herself. In addition, another 20 hours is recommended as private practice so that driving skills can further be honed.

After getting a provisional driving license, you also need to look for a provisional car insurance plan. This works pretty much the same way that regular insurance plans do, only they are designed for beginner drivers. The problem is that most insurance firms will not even give you a quote, or charge you an arm and a leg for provisional car insurance plans. The key is to look for car insurance providers who specialize in offering plans for provisional driving license holders.

Best Insurance For Young Drivers: What To Look For

To get you started in looking for the best insurance for young drivers, here is a list of the factors to consider when choosing one:

The price of the monthly premiums
As mentioned earlier, the challenge that you are faced with when looking for the best insurance for young drivers is the fact that insurance firms will charge you with high monthly premiums. This is simply due to the fact that as a beginner driver, you are considered as a high-risk customer by the insurance company. Due to your sheer inexperience behind the wheel, you are bound to get involved in a car accident at one point or another.

This means bigger business risks for the car insurance company, so they sometimes will not even provide you with provisional car insurance quotes. So what can you do about this? The key is to look for the best insurance for young drivers by checking out the firms which specialise in offering provisional car insurance policies. Make a comparison of the rates for the monthly premium offered by different companies, and narrow down your choices from there.

The requirements that you need to fulfil
There are some companies which offer provisional car insurance plans for young drivers, provided that they are accompanied by a parent or a guardian who is 21 years old and up. There are also insurance firms who will require you to take the Pass Plus test, which is an advanced lesson for beginner drivers. By taking the test, you are providing proof to the insurance company that you are worthy of being given the best insurance for young drivers because you are doing everything to sharpen your skills behind the wheel.

Your other options for getting provisional car insurance
You can also opt to be under your parent’s car insurance policy. Or, you can go for multi car insurance plans which are available for households with two to five cars registered under the same address. This will give you bulk discounts for having several cars under one insurance policy, but the terms and conditions vary depending on the car insurance company where you will get the plan from.

At the end of the day, there is no need for you to shell out a large sum of money for the monthly premiums of provisional car insurance plans. You can choose the best insurance for young drivers by knowing what options are available out there.

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