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Car Insurance When You Have A Provisional License

In almost every country in the world, you cannot legally get behind the wheel without a license and a car insurance policy. The licence serves as proof that you are skilled behind the wheel so you won’t get into road mishaps. On the other hand, a car insurance policy serves as financial protection for you, your car, another person’s vehicle and other drivers or passengers for when you get into a car accident. Depending on how comprehensive a car insurance plan it is that you will get, you can get coverage for car damage, physical injuries or enjoy other perks like roadside assistance while you are not filing any claims against the policy yet.

Provisional License For Beginner Drivers

The process of applying for licenses or obtaining insurance plans is not a problem at all for skilled drivers. But what about those who are just learning to drive? In the UK, the minimum age that you can drive a car is seventeen and you can apply for a provisional driving license a couple of months prior to your birthday. For those who are driving mopeds, they can obtain a license when they turn 16 but for motorcycles and other four-wheeled vehicles, the minimum age requirements remain 17. After applying for a provisional driving license, you can now get behind the wheel and officially learn how to drive under the supervision of a skilled driver.

Why Do Provisional Insurance Plans Cost So Much?

Let us say that you already have your provisional driving license. The next legal document that you need to have is a provisional car insurance policy. Just like regular car insurance, this will give you financial protection in the event of a road mishap. The coverage ranges from plan to plan, but the costs for getting car insurance provisional license are higher for young drivers as compared to adult, more skilled drivers. Why is this so? Take a look at the reasons why car insurance provisional license plans cost more for young drivers:

In short, car insurance companies have the experience of a high percentage of young drivers filing claims for accidents. Due to their relative inexperience behind the wheel, they are bound to file a claim which means more operational costs for them as a company. Compare this with low risk drivers who are adults, have more driving experience and rarely get into road accidents and you will see just why there is a need for them to increase the costs of premiums for car insurance provisional license plans.

Choosing Car Insurance With A Provisional License

When choosing car insurance provisional license plans, make sure that you have a car with a small engine to lower your premium costs. Generally, a high powered engine equates to higher premiums so stick with second hand cars or vehicles with smaller engines while you are still learning how to drive.

Next, make sure that you have as clean a driving history as possible. Sure, as a beginner driver, you are bound to make mistakes, but steering clear from things like over speeding or filing claims for minor car mishaps will be points against you. It will be more difficult for you to lower your car insurance provisional license plan costs and you might even find it hard to obtain a full driving license.

You might also want to lower your mileage, practice using your parent’s car and take advanced driving lessons if you need to. By following these tips, you can significantly lower your provisional insurance costs, so that you can have the financial protection that you need behind the wheel despite being a relatively new driver.

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