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Help With Insurance For Provisional Licence Holders

This website is here to help you find the best value insurance policies when you have a provisional UK driving licence and are learning to drive. This can be quite a challenge because you are probably only driving occasionally and you may not need the insurance policy to go on for a whole year. It is also a challenge in that insurance for young people and learner drivers is generally more expensive anyway. We hope to help you find out about what your options are when it comes to finding the best value quotes.

Most people looking for provisional insurance are young, often only 17, and this does tend to make the costs a bit higher. The reason insurance companies will charge more (often a lot more) for younger drivers is that they are more likely to be involved in accidents and therefore pose a higher risk of making a claim and costing them money. They know this from statistical evidence so they are not going to be easily persuaded to offer cheap prices. The cost should still be a lot less than for a young person who has a full licence, however, as learner drivers are driving under supervision and tend to stay within the rules.

Learner Drivers And Provisional Insurance

The amount of time you spend taking lessons can vary enormously, depending on many factors. The average these days is something over 40 hours of lessons, so the period of insurance can clearly go on for some time. In addition to formal lessons with an instructor, most people spend some time practicing with a relative, often with parents in their car. For this type of driving there is provisional insurance available that you can get specifically to cover you for using a parents' vehicle.

This does not need to involve using your parents' actual policy, which may not be acceptable to them. It is also possible to get such policies for only the period or times when you actually need cover. The last thing you want is to have to pay for a full year when you only want to drive on certain days for a few weeks or months. It is also possible to get insurance as an add-on to your parents policy, but not everyone is prepared to do this because if you have an accident it can affect their no claims bonus, which can work out very expensive.

Some insurers will not allow young provisional drivers to be added onto an existing car policy. Different companies specialise in different areas and some just do not want to get involved in the higher risk areas. On the other hand there are other organisations who specialise in provisional insurance and cover for learner drivers. The downside of this is that you can expect these companies to charge more because they are having to cover greater risks.

Options For Learning To Drive

You have the choice between doing all of your driving practice with a qualified instructor through lessons, or practicing in a family car with a relative. In reality most people use combination of both. There are costs involved in both options, but as driving lessons are paid by the hour, the costs can become very significant very quickly if you require a lot of lessons. Formal instruction from a properly qualified person is an essential starting point, to ensure that you understand the most up to date regulations and to prevent you from picking up any bad habits that a parent or relative may have.

It is also possible to take an intensive driving course so you go from knowing nothing to passing your test in a week. This avoids the need for any provisional insurance issues, but this type of approach is costly and not for everyone. It is important that you drive enough feel comfortable behind the wheel before you take your test.

The Alternative To Annual Cover

A standard annual policy can work out very expensive indeed for a young person with a provisional driving licence. The cost of the policy will often be several times the cost of the car. You may also be paying for a policy that you do not need for most of the time. You may not be able to spend much time driving and you may only need this type of cover for an uncertain period anyway. Once you pass your test your situation is different and you will want to look around again for whoever can offer you the best deal. The last thing you want is to be stuck with an existing insurer in an annual policy.

What you need is a form of temporary cover that will insure you only for the period you need it. There are many types of flexible short term policies available now which will work out much more cost effective. By keeping your cover separate you will not risk your parents no claims bonus by using their policy. This also leaves you totally free once you pass your test to look around for a new company who can provide what is best for you as a new fully qualified driver.

General Tips For Reducing Insurance Costs

As a learner driver you are automatically going to be seen by insurers as a higher risk and there is nothing you can do to change that. You can, however, do lots of things to make sure your premiums are as low as they possible can be. These tips apply to any young or new driver, not just those looking for provisional insurance.

The thing that can make the biggest difference is the car you are going to drive, so if you are in the position of actually buying your own, you need to be aware of a few things. Powerful fast cars and young or inexperienced drivers combine to give extortionate insurance premiums. Companies know that the chances of serious and costly accidents are very high when these two things are mixed. So go for older, cheaper and smaller cars when you start out. Avoid making any modifications or buying anything with modifications as these too will set your insurance rates soaring.

As with anything else, you should shop around and get a few quotes before you decide where to buy your provisional insurance policy. Look for specialist companies and brokers that understand what you need, rather than companies who are not really interested in this area and so quote ridiculously high premiums. Specialist websites like this one are a good place to start, because insurers who are aiming at learner drivers will want to be featured on such sites.

Recommended Insurer For Learner Drivers

Top Recommendation:Provisional Marmalade

We recommend Provisional Marmalade's car insurance scheme, because it is one of the few that is specifically designed for learner drivers who are using a parent's car to practice driving. You do not have to commit to a long term plan because obviously you plan to pass your test at some point (hopefully soon). So the insurance is bought for either one, two or three months at a time.

The main things you need to know about this policy are:

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