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Insurance For Provisional Drivers

Finding The Best Insurance For Provisional Drivers

What is the importance of getting a car insurance plan? In most countries, you cannot legally drive without one. Car insurance plans also serve as a financial protection for yourself as a driver and for your property which is your car in case you get involved in road mishaps. Although nobody wants to ever get involved in car accidents, they do happen and having a car insurance plan is your best protection against it.

Adults who already have work and can pay for comprehensive car insurance plans should not have any problems obtaining one. But what about teenagers who are just beginning to drive? The good news is that you can get car insurance for provisional drivers which are specifically designed for young drivers.

Think of it as the counterpart of your provisional driving license. In the UK, you can only operate motorized vehicles on public roads if you have a driving license and a car insurance plan. However, you cannot get a full driving license without first having the provisional driving license. Two months before your seventeenth birthday, you can already obtain one.

Benefits Of Getting Provisional Drivers Insurance

Let us say that you have already applied for and received your provisional driving license. You still cannot legally drive without a car insurance plan. The problem is that most car insurance companies will not give you the time of day once they see how young you are.

Teenage drivers are ten times more likely to get involved in vehicular accidents so these insurance firms will see you as a high risk customer. It means that if they offer you a car insurance plan, the chances of your getting into accidents and filing for a claim is high. So what are you supposed to do?

Fortunately, you can still rely on a few companies which specifically offer car insurance for provisional drivers. These companies are aware of the risks associated with offering car insurance plans to learner drivers, and they modified their policies to accommodate the needs and driving habits of young drivers.

To give you an idea about why it pays to get car insurance for provisional drivers, take a look at the following benefits:

Further Information On Insurance For Provisional Drivers

There are a few more ways that you can lower your monthly premiums as a provisional driver. First, drive either a small engine or a second hand vehicle, both of which cost less to insure than brand new, large engine cars.

Second, consider being under your parent’s car insurance plan. Or, you can apply for a multi-car insurance plan which offers discounts for families with two or more cars registered under the same address.

Finally, lowering your mileage and making sure that you are building a solid driving history for yourself by steering clear of accidents are other effective ways of lowering your premiums. There’s really no substitute to ensuring that you have ample financial protection in case you get involved in accidents while driving on the road. With provisional driving insurance, you can have the financial protection that you need without having to pay a fortune for the privilege, even as a beginner driver.

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