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About Learners Insurance

Using Learners Car Insurance

As a teenager, your parents can give you the responsibility of driving your very own car. No experience is more exhilarating than this especially as you start becoming an expert at getting behind the wheel and navigating public roads. But along with that excitement comes the more practical aspect of being a driver, which is the need to obtain legal documents like your driving license and a car insurance plan.

In most cities in the UK, you are not allowed to legally drive without a provisional driving license. If you are turning seventeen within the next two months, you can apply for a provisional driving insurance and operate a car or a motorcycle. Mopeds can be driven by individuals sixteen years and above, although they still need to have the same provisional driving license.

What Is Learners Insurance?

After obtaining your license, the next legal document that you should obtain is a learner’s insurance. Think of it as the teen equivalent of the more expensive and comprehensive car insurance plan that your parents have. When you have a learner's insurance policy, you will have financial protection in case you get involved in a car accident.

Depending on the comprehensiveness of the policy, you may file claims for injuries that you acquired during an accident; the damage to your car; or any damage to people or property of a third party also involved in the accident.

Why Are Premiums For Learner Driver Insurance Plans So High?

Now, the one challenge that you will face when looking for a learner's insurance policy is the fact that you will be quoted a higher premium as compared to adult, more experienced drivers. Here are the reasons why:

In other words, car insurance companies are taking a gamble once they take you as a customer. Since you are more likely to file for a claim against your insurance policy, it is but natural for them to charge higher monthly premiums for young drivers like you.

How To Lower The Cost Of Learners Insurance Premiums

Since you are considered as a high risk customer from the point of view of car insurance companies, how are you supposed to counteract this? Is there a way for you to lower your learner's car insurance premiums? Definitely. Here are a few suggestions:

Drive a second hand or small engine car.
While you are still sharpening your skills behind the wheel, it is highly likely that you will get involved in an accident so why would you risk driving that new sports car which your parents gifted you with? While you are still a learner driver, it definitely pays to drive a second hand car or a vehicle with a small engine. You will not only be minimizing the risks of damaging a brand new vehicle, but you can lower your car insurance premiums as well.

Ask your parents if they can put your car under their insurance plan, or if they will consider getting a multi-car insurance plan.
Another option is for you to have a car insurance plan under your parent’s policy. You can also get significant discounts via multi-car insurance plan. For this, two to five cars registered under one address will be under one policy and bulk discounts are usually given to the policy holder. Just make sure to ask about the No Claims bonus where other policy holders will not be affected if one driver files a claim against the multi car insurance plan.

Make sure that you have a clean driving history so that you can lower your car insurance premiums later on.
Finally, if you will file claims for minor car injuries or if you frequently get involved in accidents even as a beginner driver, you might find it difficult to get reasonable rates for car insurance plans later on. You might even have difficulties getting your full license, so try to have as clean a driving history as possible.

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