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Provisional Driver Insurance

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Nobody wants to ever get involved in car accidents, but it does happen. Sometimes, no matter how careful you are behind the wheel, another careless driver might crash into your vehicle. Unpredictable road conditions, a flat tire or poor visibility are other reasons why you might get involved in accidents.

This is precisely the reason why it has become a legal requirement for drivers to have a car insurance policy before they can get behind the wheel. In the United Kingdom, a third party liability car insurance policy is the minimum requirement. Depending on your driving habits as well as the model and make of your car, you may get a more comprehensive car insurance plan. But how about for individuals who are just starting to learn how to drive? The first thing that they need is a provisional driving license, followed by a provisional driver’s insurance.

Getting A Provisional Driving License

As you may already know, you cannot legally get behind the wheel without a driver’s license. Even while you are still taking your driving lessons, you are required to obtain a provisional driving license. To learn how to do just that, here are a few steps that you can follow:

Buying Provisional Drivers Insurance

Now that you already have an idea about the steps that you need to take when applying for a provisional license, how about the provisional driver’s insurance? As the name implies, this is a type of car insurance policy which is for drivers who have a provisional instead of a professional driving license. This means that you are a very young or a beginner driver who is just starting to develop your skills behind the wheel.

It is imperative for learner drivers to obtain a provisional driver’s insurance, precisely because of the fact that you are only starting to learn how to drive. The chances of your getting involved in car accidents are relatively high, so you need to have the financial protection for that. The problem is that car insurance companies do consider you as a high-risk driver. Statistics show that there is a higher accident rate for teenage drivers as compared to more experienced drivers who are in their 30s or 40s. As a result, you will get charged with higher car insurance premiums and even additional fees.

Tips For Getting The Best Value Provisional Driver Insurance

Lastly, how can you get better rates for provisional driver's insurance plans? Just as it is when getting any other type of a financial plan, it pays to go comparison shopping. Go online and look for companies which specialize in offering plans to learner drivers. Check on the Terms and Conditions of the plan, compare the rates, check on the coverage and make an informed decision from there.

You may also consider going for a multi car insurance plan. If there are more than two cars in your house which are all registered under the same address, you can all be under the same policy and save a lot of money on multi-car insurance plans.

It also helps to watch your mileage, drive a second hand or small engine car, and steer clear or minor accidents so that you can build a solid driving history for yourself. By doing so, you can definitely lower your car insurance premiums despite being a provisional driving license holder.

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