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Advice On Provisional Learner Insurance

Before getting behind the wheel you will always need a driving license, your car registration and insurance cover. These are some of the legal documents that you need to have. Obtaining them is not a problem at all for adult, experienced drivers. But if you are a teenager who is just learning to drive, how can you obtain a license and a car insurance plan? That is exactly what we will learn more about here.

Getting Your Provisional Driving License

First, what is a provisional driving license? In the UK, you are not allowed to operate any motorized vehicle on public roads unless you have a driving license. Before obtaining a full license, teenagers may get a provisional driving license while they are still learning how to drive.

Typically, learner drivers require 45 hours of driving lessons which are supervised by a professional instructor. However, the Driving Standards Agency recommends that learner drivers spend an additional 20 hours of private practice to improve one’s skills behind the wheel. Now, the minimum age that you can apply for a provisional driving license is two months prior to your 17th birthday. This is if you are driving a car or a motorcycle. Teenagers who are sixteen years of age may apply for the same license if they would like to drive mopeds which are under 50 cc.

Why It Can Be Difficult To Get Provisional Learner Insurance Quotes

Once you have already obtained your provisional driving license, the next thing that you need to work on is getting a provisional learner insurance. This is where things get a bit more difficult. A lot of insurance companies refuse to provide provisional learner insurance quotes for beginner drivers because of the higher risk associated with their lack of driving experience.

Statistics show that teenage drivers are more likely to get involved in car accidents as compared to those aged 30 to 40. This means bad business for car insurance companies. Once they offer provisional learner insurance plans to teenage or beginner drivers, the likelihood of them getting involved in road mishaps and filing a claim is higher, so they need more company resources to support the insurance claim.

What to Do About The Problem

Next, how can you counteract the fact that car insurance companies refuse to give provisional learner insurance quotes? Since you cannot drive without a car insurance plan to provide you with the financial protection that you need in case of accidents, the best solution is to look for companies which specialize in provisional learner insurance plans. Yes, there are companies which take on the risk of providing provisional learner insurance policies for learner drivers provided that they fulfil a few requirements like displaying L plates.

When you have one, drivers will give you more leeway on the road because the plate indicates that you are just starting to learn how to drive. Some companies also require that the applicant for a provisional insurance plan be accompanied by a parent or someone who’s 21 years old and above.

Tips For Lowering The Cost Of Provisional Learner Insurance

Aside from looking for companies which specialize in offering provisional insurance plans for young drivers, here are a few more tips on how you can lower your monthly premiums:

If you want to lower the monthly premiums for your provisional insurance plan, you can take your pick from any of these options. Despite being a relatively young learner driver, you do not have to pay an arm and a leg just to have your vehicle insured. Looking for companies which specialize in offering provisional car insurance plans will do the trick.

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