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Provisional License Insurance Advice

You just graduated from high school and your parents gave you a second hand car as a gift. You have been taking your driving lessons and you cannot wait to have the car all to your own. However, you know that you cannot drive without the proper documents like your license and a car insurance policy. How are you supposed to obtain these legal documents? What are the qualifications, and how can you ensure that you are getting the right provisional license insurance to give you the financial protection that you need in case you get involved in a rookie car accident? Read on to find out.

What Is A Provisional Driving License?

Before knowing the first thing about getting a provisional license insurance, let us learn what a provisional license is in the first place. Basically, it is an official document which authorizes young drivers to operate motorized vehicles within the United Kingdom. Here are the agencies from where provisional driving license can be obtained based on your point of residence:

For car drivers who wish to obtain a provisional driving license, they need to be at least seventeen years of age. You can, however, apply for the license on or two months before your 17th birthday. Drivers of quad bikes, motorcycles and mopeds can apply for a provisional license when they’re at least sixteen years old, provided that the moped has an engine size of no more than 50 cc.

Finding Provisional License Insurance

As you can see, a provisional driving license is obtained by really young drivers who are probably still taking their driving lessons. If this is the case, how can they obtain provisional license insurance? Being the learner driver that you are, remember that car insurance companies consider you as a higher risk driver. This means that whenever you are out on the road, the chances of your filing for a car insurance claim is higher because you have less experience out on the road than older drivers. You can easily make rookie mistakes and get involved in a road mishap. As such, the rate for the provisional license insurance that you will be given is definitely higher than that which would be offered to older driver.

Using Your Parents Car Insurance And Other Options

So what are your options? Take a look at a few suggestions that you can borrow to keep your provisional license insurance premiums down:

Consider being under your parent's car insurance plan. How many cars are there in your household? If there are two or more, your parents should definitely consider being under a multi-car insurance plan. For this, two to five cars can be insured under one policy. Since you are bringing more business to the car insurance company while allowing them to cut back on their administration costs at the same time, you will be given bulk discounts. When going for this option, just make sure to check on the No Claims bonus which indicates what would happen to other drivers signed up for the same policy if one of you makes a claim.

Improve your driving skills by practising in someone else’s car and not your own. The reason why you have a provisional license in the first place is that you are considered as a relatively unskilled driver. The more skilled you become behind the wheel, the better it is for your car insurance premiums. You can practice in someone else’s car by being listed as a named driver on that owner's car insurance policy, which can help you go out on the road while learning.

While you still have a provisional driving license, stick to a vehicle which has a small engine and keep your mileage down. Just like regular car insurance, the model and make of the car you’re driving will have an effect on its costs. With provisional driving license insurance, it’s better to stick to a car which has a small engine so that you can keep your premium costs down. Finally, keep a close watch on your mileage. Try to do only a few miles per week while still learning to drive.

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